Lea Adams

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Publication Date

Spring 2023


The focus of this action research was to appropriately implement social emotional learning into a small classroom environment. The lessons were aimed to assist students and foster positive behaviors both inside and outside the classroom environment. Participants participated in a four-week study. The research participants consisted of 17 girls and boys within a classroom. This classroom environment had a total of 11 boys and 6 girls, in Honolulu, Hawaii. The study also included four specialist teachers (Hawaiian, Japanese, Computer Science, and Physical Education), the homeroom teacher, and the school counselor. During the intervention, each class engaged in daily morning meetings, facilitated classroom rules and norms, SEL lessons, and weekly journal entries. Data sources within the study included daily behavior frequency tally charts, office referrals, student journals, and teachers log of behaviors. After analyzing the data conducted during this research project, the researchers concluded social emotional learning had a positive effect on students in an elementary school setting. Further research could provide more data to show whether a school-wide implementation is necessary and whether this could promote positive behaviors by teaching social emotional learning.