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Spring 2023


The purpose of this action research project was to explore the impact of the Face-to-Face and Asynchronous learning environments on student performance. The recent Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 pushed primary and secondary schools nationwide to offer an online learning environment as an option in public education. Accordingly, grand debate arose about whether students’ performance remained the same regardless of learning environment. A mixed-method study was used to determine significant difference in student performance, and analysis depicted learning environment outcomes by race as well. Data analysis revealed no significant difference in student performance between the Face-to-Face and Asynchronous learning environments overall. However, when examining data by student background, it was found that students of some predetermined race groups demonstrated higher performance in one learning environment over the other. The research findings from this study may prove beneficial in informing individual educators as they improve their own practices in diversifying curriculum to meet student needs. The outcomes may also provide information for stakeholders of urban and/or diverse school districts to consider as they make program decisions and determine solutions to current faults and necessities in academics.

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