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Spring 2022


A School Improvement Plan is an excellent roadmap that consecutively lays down particular interventions that a school will implement. The plan strengthens shared governance by offering an opportunity where the district collaboratively identifies interventions and plans to address priority areas that require improvements. Students who have difficulty learning are subjected to the reading and repetition hypothesis. However, certain approaches and techniques see learners devise ways of embedding context in their guessing worlds, skipping the words they are not familiar with and memorizing phrases and terms. Therefore, teaching phonemic awareness to young children in their early years dispels later challenges related to reading by boosting emergent literacy skills. By supporting teaching phonemic awareness to young children, there is a need to integrate mixed interventions to address later reading challenges and nurture early reading skills. Cognitive techniques and teaching learners phonemic awareness with ELL, Autism, and dyslexia enhance literacy skills, consist of the abilities that reduce early literacy challenges.