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Spring 2022


At a privately owned, fee-paying, international school in Cambodia, parents believe that their children are receiving the best possible education. The school advertises that it uses cutting-edge technology, however, in the primary school this technology is restricted to an out-of-date computer lab. The students at this school are not able to utilize mobile devices, such as tablets, to assist with their learning. The lack of devices has hampered student achievement, especially in the area of the technology skills required for the 21st century. This school improvement plan aims to change the way students at the school learn. This plan will be accomplished by first creating the role of a technology coordinator who will then train the staff on using tablet devices to aid student learning and then obtaining the devices. Several options for how to obtain devices are discussed. The literature review focuses on the academic benefits of using mobile technology in the classroom as well as the benefits the tablets have on student motivation and the classroom atmosphere.