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Spring 2022


This action research was driven by the researcher’s interest in using technology to enhance ELL students’ language understanding. Specifically, the researcher was particularly interested in using a class-wide intervention called “Storyworld”. This intervention is technology-based and will be used to help increase English skills including all the language-learning domains: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The researcher is a third grade general-education teacher that has been teaching third grade students for three years. In particular, the population of students within the researcher’s third grade classroom are characterized as English language learners. The intervention, Storyworld, was implemented over a course of 4 weeks including an original benchmark score and post-assessment score after the intervention was fully established. Findings revealed that the technological program, Storyworld, was successful in helping increase English language fluency and skills. The research was conducted to bring forth a new instructional method to be used for ELL students within a elementary-leveled classroom.