MS 14. Abolitionist Papers, 1855-1886. .209 linear ft.

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This collection is comprised of four letters. Authors are Horace Greeley, James G. Blunt, John Brown Jr., and Jason Brown. Greeley, noted editor of the New York Tribune, responds to a request to speak at a Lyceum in Springfield, Massachusetts. Blunt writes Salmon P. Chase detailing the Wyandotte convention and weighs in on the situation in Kansas as well as Chase’s possible presidential nomination. Lastly, both John Jr. and Jason Brown (sons of abolitionist John Brown) write to their benefactor, Franklin Benjamin Sanborn. John Jr. corrects some selections in a draft of Sanborn’s book about his father and discusses a medal given to the family by the French government. Jason thanks Sanborn for his assistance and describes his family’s efforts to pay off their debts.