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This literature review explores how to create an effective professional development (PD) system for Physical Education (PE) teachers. The review begins by discussing Personal Learning Networks (PLNs), and the impact that they have on professional development. PLNs provide teachers with an opportunity to completely personalize their PD through Twitter, Facebook, and various other blogs. PD in schools is a huge aspect of the professional development process. Allowing time for content specific PD means teachers can analyze strategies and ideas that work for their content areas. Workshops provide teachers with the opportunity to learn from experts and continue to strive to be lifelong learners. They allow teachers to be exposed to new strategies regarding PE and how they can be implemented. Literacy in PE and the ability to collaborate with other content areas is an exciting trend in PD. The ability to hold each other accountable and have different viewpoints helps in the implementation process of new content. The frequency of professional development should be a constant process with teachers striving to better their craft. Providing teachers with specific opportunities can lead to them seeking out their own chances to positively affect their understanding of teaching. All of these components will be identified and shown how they contribute to creating an effective PE professional development plan.

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