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Summer 2023


This action research project stemmed from the noticeable benefit of movement woven throughout the Wilson Fundations curriculum in developing early phonemic awareness. Knowing that kindergarteners have a natural inclination to move, this project aimed to determine whether similar benefits of movement could be garnered in mathematics instruction by boosting number sense and fact fluency. Participants completed an end-of-unit assessment and then received instruction with movement integration for the following unit before completing its endof- unit assessment. Assessment scores were converted into the school’s grading scale of M, W, or B, and a chi-square test of association was used to determine statistical significance. Findings revealed a significant association between movement integration in kindergarten mathematics instruction and improved assessment scores. The research was conducted in hopes of improving teaching practices in kindergarten mathematics through use of movement integration, and the findings indeed impact both teaching and learning by affirming movement integration as a useful intervention strategy.