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Summer 2023


This school improvement plan discusses play-based learning (PBL), a subject often debated within an early childhood setting. This plan will review current research to define what play- based learning is and the impact PBL learning has on the development of preschool and kindergarten students. Research shows that PBL learning can be highly effective for academic growth and that children learn best in this type of setting. PBL lets children make connections between their personal lives and their environment. In addition, it provides children with joyful experiences associated with their learning, adds motivation, and keeps children’s attention. Consistent, intentional planning that promotes engagement, provides hands-on activities, and utilizes the environment effectively will maximize PBL learning in preschool and kindergarten classrooms. The purpose of this school improvement plan is to articulate the benefits of PBL learning and increase the amount of time PBL is used in the preschool and kindergarten classrooms at Mt. Pleasant Community School District.