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Summer 2023


This action research project was completed by a researcher interested in the alphabet knowledge curriculum. More specifically, in the study of letters, and how to incorporate the relationship of uppercase and lowercase identification, letter sounds awareness, sound placements, and writing letter formation as critical components of an alphabet knowledge curriculum. This researcher taught preschool for thirteen years. The students were able to participate in the study. Students received Enhanced Alphabet Knowledge (EAK) lessons daily. The study was part of our priority standards aligned to the Iowa Early Learning Standards and Teaching Strategies GOLD. The students were asked to identify uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and produce letter sounds in random order. Following each teaching of six cycles of daily EAK lessons. Data was collected with priority standard assessments at the beginning of the school year, after each cycle rotation, and at the end of the school year to determine if EAK was a successful intervention. The research was conducted to result in continued lessons in the Enhanced Alphabet Knowledge if proven to be successful.