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Spring 2023


This research determined the impact of the interactive technology Pear Deck on student achievement and perceptions of learning. Existing peer-reviewed research on the topic is limited. In this action research, the researcher had one 10th grade Global Studies class learn the subject matter from a traditional teacher-led lecture, while the other class learned the same content using a student-paced Pear Deck. The next class day, both groups took the same assessment to measure their achievement levels. The Pear Deck group also completed a brief survey on their perceptions of learning with Pear Deck. The results of the research revealed the Pear Deck group performed significantly better on the achievement assessment than the control group and had a very favorable perception of learning with Pear Deck. The outcome of the research provides positive quantitative evidence in favor of a shift away from teacher-led social studies lectures and toward a more student-centered classroom involving the use of interactive technology.

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