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Spring 2023


The purpose of this action research project was to determine if implementing environmental and instructional changes in an-home family childcare program would increase children’s social-emotional development as well as decrease negative behaviors exhibited. An assessment of social-emotional skills was conducted prior to the research using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). The researcher observed staff members implement changes in the childcare program over four weeks, with one change each week. Following the four-week implementation period, the researcher conducted three weeks of observations to determine how the changes affected the children’s social-emotional development and behavior. A second ASQ assessment was conducted at the end of the research study to determine any changes in social-emotional development over the seven-week research period. Tally marks were gathered to monitor behavior changes before and after implementing changes. The children participating in this study were of mixed ages ranging from one to four years of age. The findings of this research study revealed that average social-emotional development skills decreased after the implementation of environmental and instructional changes occurred. A decrease in negative behavior and an increase in positive behavior were revealed in this research study.