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Spring 2023


This action research study was driven by the researcher’s interest in formative assessment strategies and methodologies. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of formative assessment on student learning when embedded into practice using a defined framework. Formative assessment has been shown to be an effective teaching strategy that can positively impact student learning. While this is the case, research has also revealed that many educators are implementing formative assessment ineffectively. Educational researchers have proposed embedded formative assessment and the use of formative assessment frameworks as a potential solution to this problem. This study used a mixed-methods approach to assess the impact of embedded formative assessment and the use of William & Thompson’s five key strategies framework on student learning. Data was collected in the researcher’s middle school classrooms. Data analysis revealed an increase in student learning gains as a result of improved formative assessment practice. The research findings from this study may prove beneficial for educators seeking to improve formative assessment practice. The conclusions provide evidence in support of embedded formative assessment as a methodology to improve formative assessment practice.

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