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Fall 2022


This action research project was conducted to identify a correlation between parent-teacher collaboration and student achievement in the preschool classroom. Baseline data was gathered from the preschool student’s using fall Individual Development and Growth Indicators (IDGI) benchmark scores. Opportunities for parent-teacher collaboration began with monthly newsletters sent out on the classroom webpage, parent-teacher conferences, and signed homework assignments. Parent-teacher engagement was tracked through a tally system. A spreadsheet kept track of the number of communications that parents engaged in, as well as the type of communication. All students were progress monitored within each two week session using the IDGI’s progress monitoring screener. The winter IDGI benchmark scores were then used to gather ending data. Achievement was measured by comparing fall and winter data with the amount of parent engagement to determine whether or not parent-teacher collaboration has a direct impact on student learning. Data was also collected tracking the type of communication parents engaged in. The total number of each type of engagement was tallied and used to determine the most effective method for engaging families.