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Summer 2022


Young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disabilities struggle to manage daily activities and routines with independence. They often rely on adult prompts and cues, even when a skill has been previously mastered. This action research study aimed to determine the effects of structured work systems (SWS) in the inclusive pre-k classroom on the overall independence of students with ASD or related disabilities. TEACCH modeled structured work systems were implemented with four preschool students a minimum of twice daily. Three areas were observed for the purpose of this research: (1) student completion of the structured work system; (2) student independence in daily routines; (3) growth in correlating objectives on the GOLD assessment. Biweekly data points revealed a strong correlation between independence in the structured work system and independence in daily routines. A comparison of GOLD checkpoints before and after intervention showed little to no change. This action research study supports using structured work systems as a low-intensity intervention in the inclusive preschool classroom.