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Summer 2022


This paper analyzes the need for schools to implement a multi-sensory room to help students regulate their sensory needs. Students today require a multitude of experiences and different levels of support in order to effectively learn. Teachers are faced with the challenge of providing this support to students so they can engage in and retain what is learned each day. To overcome this challenge, we looked at the history of multi-sensory rooms, the benefits they have for all students in the classroom, and how one can be properly implemented in a preschool classroom. We put forth an action plan that lays out the steps needed to effectively implement a multi-sensory room at one specific school for young learners. Our research showed the positive effects sensory rooms have for students in the classroom by increasing student focus, attention, behavior, and overall academic achievement. This plan shows the need for a multi-sensory room in schools because of the many benefits sensory rooms have and will continue to provide to all students.