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Summer 2022


This action research project was completed by a researcher was interested in the preschool math curriculum. More specifically, in the numbers and how their relationships including one to one counting and producing the amount when given a number in preschool. This researcher has taught preschool for 7 years. The students were able to participate in the study. One class of students did not receive the number of the day lessons, while the other students received the lessons throughout the entire school year. The study was part of our learning standards aligning to the Iowa Early Learning Standards and Gold Teaching Strategies. The students were asked to count one item at a time until they skipped a bear or missed/ said a number that was not next in the corresponding order. The study also had the students produce the amount on the card with the same bears in random order. These learning standard assessments were given at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year to see if the number of the day was successful in those lessons. The research was conducted to result in further lessons in the number of the day is proven to be successful.