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This literature review explores how growth mindset affects all elementary students in the classroom. The review begins by defining growth mindset and describing the benefits of implementing growth mindset into classrooms and schools. Growth mindset is defined in research as, the ability to believe that the most basic activities can be developed through hard work and dedication. Several steps are listed to implement growth mindset into both classrooms and schools. The review goes on to identify how growth mindset affects all students: typical developing students, talented and gifted students, and special education students. Within each subcategory ideas are given to readers to support the growth mindset philosophy based on the needs of the learners. The review describes how to approach the various learners from a growth mindset point of view. Research based tools and resources are provided to give readers multiple ways to implement and support the growth mindset philosophy in both their classroom and school.

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Einck, C. (2017). Growth mindset affects elementary students (Master's thesis, Northwestern College, Orange City, IA). Retrieved from

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