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Spring 2022


Special education teachers are trying many ways to help students with IEPs achieve their goals. This action research study looks at one way educators might do that with the involvement of students with IEPs in the progress monitoring process, specifically students with math goals. Instead of having the progress monitoring process as something done to them, students with disabilities were encouraged to take an active role by goal setting, getting feedback, reflecting, and graphing their scores. The five fifth-grade students that this study followed showed signs of growth over the six weeks of this intervention. The findings of this action research support the literature reviewed that involving students in this process yields positive results. The data shows that students from a variety of backgrounds were able to make slight to substantial growth over that period. Although the findings suggest that the students were positively impacted by this intervention, future research should continue in this area to broaden the scope of students in terms of size as well as other academic areas such as reading or behavior.