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Fall 2021


This action research project focuses on implementing game-based learning into a first-grade math lesson, to help improve addition facts and fluency. The study was conducted over a ten-day period in one first grade classroom. Data was collected at the beginning of this study and at the end to determine if playing games in math increases a student's addition fact fluency . After the initial one-minute addition pre-test, the students were divided into two groups according to ability. One of the groups was the control group who learned addition math facts through paper and pencil activities and the other group was the study group who learned addition by playing games. After the ten days of intervention, students who were in the study group showed significant growth after taking the one-minute addition post-test. The findings of this study found that when the students played math games, they were able to do better on the one-minute addition test and were more engaged and enjoyed math more than their counterparts.

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