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Summer 2021


This action research was inspired by the researcher's own classroom observations of students' behaviors, interactions, and emotional reactions throughout the day in preschool. Having students who have behaviors that may get out of control, the researcher wondered if a whole class social emotional instruction would provide them with strategies make a difference in all student's ability to manage their emotions. The participants in this study included 20 preschool students, 3- to 5-year-old. This study took place over a 4-week period where social emotional lessons were presented as whole groups and small groups. During this time, the teacher was intentional in teaching about emotions during free choice time as the opportunity allowed. Data was collected by the researcher using observations, journal entries, and parent questionnaires to indicate the ability for preschool students to manage their emotions. The study found that when adding social emotional learning, social emotional literature, and intentional modeling, there was a positive effect on student's awareness of their emotions.