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Summer 2021


Growth mindset and mindset theory is a topic that is explored around the world and in different levels of education and careers. However, there are contradictive studies and many misconceptions about what growth mindset and interventions can achieve. Research leads scholars to believe that academic achievement may not be a direct result of growth mindset interventions, but it is also proven that motivation and self-efficacy are in fact improved. Research also shows that motivation and self-efficacy are required for academic growth. This literature review contains information about mindset theory, important historical research for mindset theory, assumption, and common misconceptions as well as growth mindset interventions; effects on academic growth, self-efficacy, and motivation. This literature review and research of studies reveals that although academic growth is not a common result of growth mindset interventions, growth of self-efficacy and motivation is. It also outlines how these two attributes are imperative for academic growth and success in a global society.