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Summer 2021


This literature review analyzes over 30 peer reviewed, scholarly articles to find a correlation between technology use and the negative impacts it can have on students and educators. This review was able to determine that the overuse of technology can lead to negative health effects as well as impair student learning. With the rapid development of new technologies, educators are having a challenging time keeping up. Without proper training and support, educators are unable to incorporate technology tools and resources into their lessons effectively. Technologies are being used on a daily basis within the school systems, which has drastically increased student screen time. This literature review found that students who are exposed to a large amount of screen time have a higher risk of experiencing adverse health effects as well as learning deficits. The pressure for educators to incorporate technology into a majority of their lessons is increasing student screen time at an alarming rate. This information proves that there is clear need for policy to minimize screen time and the hazardous health consequences associated with screen time among children and youth. The studies analyzed have helped raise awareness to the downfalls of technology use in the classroom and prove suggestions on how to better incorporate technology into student lessons and personal life.