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Summer 2021


The purpose of this action research is to compare the data of kindergarten student’s growth in ELA (English Language Arts) through the use of play-based learning strategies against students who utilize worksheets as part of their instruction in order to determine if one instructional method is more effective than the other in demonstrating academic growth in English Language Arts. One group of students participated in play-based learning strategies while the other group utilized worksheets as an extension of learning. Both groups were given weekly pretests and posttests in the areas of: letter identification, CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words, digraphs, and sight words. Fountas and Pinnell Running Records was used to determine students reading levels and to assess any growth made from May to July. Analysis of the data determined that all students made growth in each area, however there was not enough data to conclude that students who participated in play-based learning activities made more growth than students who utilized worksheets.+