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This action research project was put in place in order to identify the possible benefits of utilizing a flipped classroom technology program called Canvas in the sixth grade mathematics class. This implementation was meant as a means to enhance the academic success of the ELL students through a more individualized instruction plan with the aid of a technology program. Video-audios, peer discussion boards, and independent student research in conjunction with teacher guidance, redirection, and classroom group activities were utilized throughout a statistics unit over a one-month period. To properly compare the benefits of the technology program implementation there was also a targeted control group that received the same instructional plans without the means of independent technology use. During this month time period, a variety of data was collected and compared between the two comparable classes through qualitative responses, observations, and a final quantitative survey. The analysis of the collected data suggests that the ELL student’s success in their math curriculum was more meaningful and better mastered when completed with an individualized instruction environment that utilized technology verses a traditional teacher lead instructional unit without individual technology.

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