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In early childhood education (ECE), there are many interpretations of the morning meeting. This meeting can encompass learning in several areas of early childhood namely mathematics, literacy, and social skill building. Many activities within morning meeting help with classroom management and can be beneficial to children with special needs as well including morning message, visual schedules, and calendar time. Some ECE professionals are beginning to note that technology can also be included in this crucial part of the school day. Incorporating technology not only will encourage young children to learn, but will prepare them for their future. Technology use is becoming more and more relevant in both the school and work domains. Morning meeting and technology are popular trends in education and are considered developmentally appropriate for an ECE classroom. This literature review will highlight the value of morning meeting and its components and will also discuss the integration of technology into ECE. In the future, active research on this topic would be advantageous, considering the information gathered in this review.

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