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Spring 2021


Teaching Strategies GOLD is an authentic assessment tool. It is used in many preschool classrooms to observe student development in their daily routine. Teaching Strategies GOLD is an effective means of assessing student development. One of the challenges when implementing Teaching Strategies GOLD is its comprehensiveness. The extensiveness of the assessment has been found to be very time consuming for educators to implement. This has raised the question, “How does an educator maintain a relational classroom while implementing Teaching Strategies GOLD?” The purpose of this paper to research the value of preschool and the use of authentic assessment. It will look at the development of Teaching Strategies GOLD and its role in a preschool classroom. Also, it will also examine the use of data decision-making in preschool classrooms and the importance of teacher-student relationships. The hypothesis is that using consolidated forms and staff training, Teaching Strategies GOLD can be implemented in a more efficient and timesaving way resulting in more time for the teacher to build relationships with children and families.