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Spring 2021


This action research was pursued by the researcher's inquisitiveness about math fact fluency specifically using the technological platform MobyMax Fact Fluency to help boost student's fact fluency. The researcher is a first-grade teacher in her 8th year of teaching. The whole class of 17 students were a part of the class-wide research study. The five-week study examined the use of technology in the classroom. Specifically, the use of MobyMax Fact Fluency to determine if students showed growth in their fact fluency knowledge. Throughout the study, students were progress monitored every two weeks. The data suggests that with the implementation of the technological platform, MobyMax Fact Fluency, students increased not only their facts per minute, but their overall STAR Math scores. The use of technology proved to be a promising tool to aid in the acquisition of fact fluency. Future research would suggest implementation in more classrooms as a whole class intervention.