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Spring 2021


The purpose of this action research project was to determine the impact of brain breaks, or physical activity breaks, when implemented as a transition to learning centers in the preschool classroom. Learning centers consist of small group time, one-on-one time with the teacher, and whole group time where important preschool state standards are taught. The study was conducted over five weeks in two preschool classrooms. One classroom was designated as the control group, and the other classroom as the treatment group. Data was collected to determine if brain breaks had an impact on student focus and behavior. After five weeks of intervention, students in the treatment group displayed a decrease in instances of off-task behavior. It was concluded that brain breaks do improve student focus and behavior. The study found that as the research went on and brain breaks became a normal part of the routine for the students in the treatment group, they engaged in more on-task behaviors and less off-task behaviors.