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This paper takes a deeper look at the impact that See the Sound: Visual Phonics has for beginning reading instruction and early intervention instruction for young students. See the Sound: Visual Phonics is a strategy that incorporates hand cues and written symbols into every sound and letter in the English Language. This paper will compare the growth rates that students, who received the intervention and students who did not receive the intervention, made identifying letter names, letter sounds, and onset sounds. Throughout this paper research completed by Goldin-Meadow (2004) supporting the significance hand gestures have in development and student learning, as well as research by Dave Krupke (2008), a lead researcher and trainer in See the Sound: Visual Phonics discussing why this type of visual phonics has a greater impact than others will be considered. Other research completed by Cihon, Gardner, and Morrison (2008) will examine how this specific intervention increases literacy skills for young students who are at-risk readers.

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