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Fall 2020


Assessments in early childhood are being addressed by educational leaders, administrators and teachers to meet the needs of preschoolers and ensure that these young children are school-ready. A school improvement plan was created using research-based methods. This school improvement plan looks at the need to create a developmentally appropriate preschool assessment report based on state standards with age appropriate objectives outlining specific benchmark skills to show teachers and parents an accurate picture of how children are progressing and growing. The focus of the literature review is based on the need for preschool assessments, types of assessments that are developmentally appropriate in preschool, the importance of using the results of the assessments to drive instruction, and address the domains of preschool assessments. These important components of preschool evaluations were used to create a new assessment report for Nicaragua Christian School International by modifying the current one, clarifying with examples and adding benchmarks.