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Summer 2020


The purpose of the school improvement project was to determine the importance of blended learning, especially in relationship with the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on schools. An extensive review of literature on blended learning is provided, along with a comprehensive Return to Learn created by a task force from Sheldon High School, a public school located in Northwest Iowa. The task force was made up of leaders and administrators collaborated virtually and created plans for the next school year incorporated blended learning. The review of literature provided current research and potential strategies to implement technology. A comprehensive definition of blended learning, along with the various types of blended learning, benefits of blended learning, and implementation steps for blended learning are also included in this review. The Return to Learn plan consisted of three possible options for teaching in the fall based on the health situation of created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The options included on-site learning, hybrid learning, and remote learning, along with remediation strategies for students. Finally, the comprehensive Return to Learn plan included expectations for teachers, students, communication between home and school, the delivery platform for online learning, professional development for teachers, and support for stakeholders.