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Summer 2020


The purpose of this literature review is to gather evidence on the effect of teaching social emotional skills on the cognitive development of young children. Social emotional skills are skills that people use to interact with others, manage their emotion and address social situations. Teachers use social emotional learning (SEL) programs to directly and indirectly to address social skills acquisitions in the classroom. This review of the research shares the results of studies about the variety of methods available to teach children social skills and the benefits of mastering those skills. The wide-spread financial commitment by schools for SEL programs illuminates the importance of the social emotional development of young children. This literature review explores research about the development of social emotional skills, the effect of social emotional skills on cognitive development, research of social emotional learning (SEL) programs, and effective ways to teach social skills to children with learning disabilities. As a result, many researchers agree that there is a positive connection between a young child’s social emotional skills and their cognitive development.