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Summer 2020


There are many experiences that can happen to children that may lead to trauma. This literature review uses scholarly articles and journals, as well as books, to explore the impact trauma has on children. The research shows that there are many factors that may influence a child’s life and cause a child trauma. Trauma has a significant impact on the wiring of a child’s brain. As a result of the wiring, or lack of wiring due to trauma, children will show deficits in physical, social emotional and cognitive skills. Many times trauma can be misunderstood and diagnosed as a disability due to the symptoms traumatized children exhibit. Children exposed to trauma will have difficulties with coping skills, impulsivity, relationships, academic skills and self-regulation. These deficits in the classroom can be altered with the correct strategies of teachers. Teachers can use calming and coping strategies to assist traumatized children in being successful in the classroom.