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Spring 2020


The researcher hypothesizes that students with no prior Handwriting Without Tears instruction can transition to lowercase name writing easier than students that have had that instruction. The researcher has studied the handwriting samples based on common handwriting assessment qualities. Writing samples were taken monthly, one from each student. There were 9 students that the researcher received handwriting samples, all of white race. There were 7 boys and 2 girls in the test set. The students that received Handwriting Without Tears used this mixed upper and lowercase writing for some time and had a harder time transitioning to first uppercase and rest lowercase writing of their name. The researcher only had 3 out of the 9 that had prior Handwriting Without Tears instruction. It would also be good to have students of a different race in the student sample as well. In practice, teachers need to be aware of the students coming into kindergarten that have had prior Handwriting Without Tears instruction will probably go through this extra phase of their lowercase transition and they will come out of it, but it is an extra phase they go through.