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Spring 2020


Teachers hold high importance in the development of students with dyslexia, especially in the area of beginning reading skills. Early diagnosis and intervention from highly effective teaching professionals plays a critical part in whether or not a student with dyslexia has success in learning to read. Teacher knowledge of dyslexia and a targeted intervention plan are keys to providing students with dyslexia the opportunity to learn and be successful in a variety of aspects: reading, spelling, writing, comprehension, fluency, and any other areas of learning. Students with dyslexia should be able to meet any and all benchmarks through grade level assessments if provided adequate instruction and structured intervention for dyslexia. All professionals involved in a dyslexic student's life should aspire to understand research and strive to create a solid learning environment that will foster student success. This literature review focuses on the presence of dyslexia in schools and the knowledge and misconceptions teachers have in meeting the needs of students with dyslexia. The review looks at the history of dyslexia and the impacts it has on students, teachers, and school districts.