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Spring 2020


This literature review looks at what movement is and how it can improve student learning. Journal articles written in the last ten years were evaluated to find common themes that support incorporating movement throughout the school day including at recess, during physical education, and in the classroom. Brain research shows that moving while learning is beneficial. Movement ignites areas of the brain as well as improves neuron connections, helps to develop different areas of the brain, and offers a variety of mental health benefits such as lowered anxiety and depression. In addition, movement helps to prevent long term diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and heart issues. It also looks at different means to integrate movement throughout the day. These include recess time, brain breaks, mindfulness and more. Movement is an important part of early childhood and the benefits of incorporating it at any early age are explored. From there, it offers ideas for future research and areas that have yet to be discovered in terms of incorporating movement into the classroom.