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Spring 2020


Technology comes in many forms and is more accessible than ever before. There are many notable benefits of using technology. However, there are also negative effects when used incorrectly or not in moderation. There are various views on when technology should be incorporated into a classroom, the types of classrooms and how early within the educational setting it should be used. Based on research gathered, technology should be used within the classroom to enhance learning, not replace face-to-face interactions or experiences. Music within the early childhood classroom is beneficial to all learners within the environment. There are various ways to supplement music instruction, some early childhood teachers are choosing to use an interactive whiteboard to display the video to the song they are teaching. The purpose of this research study is to observe 2 different classrooms that contain different groups of children (children that are typically developing compared to children that are currently enrolled in Special Education) and if they respond with different levels of engagement to face-to-face music instruction, compared to music instruction supplemented with technology. Results from this study concluded that both groups of children engaged at least one full song more on days that the instruction was face to face compared to the days instruction was supplemented.