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Spring 2020


The purpose of this literature review is to examine the changing role of professional development and to consider the possibility of using instructional coaching in the field of adult basic literacy instruction. One concept the literature discussed is what professional development models are beneficial for teachers of adult English Language Learners. The literature provided a deeper understanding about instructional coaching as a professional development option and how schools could utilize this model to support the instructional needs of teachers. Another idea that the literature addressed is how instructional coaching can strengthen the quality of instruction in adult education. If one goal of professional development is to strengthen the quality of instruction, then that might logically lead to an increase in students’ learning, skills, and achievement. Also, the literature led to further consideration about what instructional coaching methods would work well to support learning in adult English Language Learners. This literature review focused on instructional coaching in the context of adult English language instruction and learning because many adult basic education programs aim to provide high-quality professional development for their teachers and educational opportunities for their students.