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Summer 2019


The purpose of this study was to determine if utilizing iPad applications (apps) in a preschool classroom can increase students’ phonemic awareness skills, specifically knowledge of rhyme. Research completed by Hornsby and Wilson tell us that rhyme is a great opportunity for students to practice phonics, which in turn enhances literacy skills. Rhyme allows them to play with the sounds within words and helps them to understand the sounds that letters make. A classroom of ten preschool students were allowed to utilize ABCmouse (2005) and Montessori-Rhyme Time learning games for kids (2013) applications on iPads during free choice times for six months. The class was assessed using the Teaching Strategies GOLD (2019) continuum throughout the year, focusing on three main checkpoints. Data shows that there was a statistically significant increase in students’ knowledge of rhyme scores throughout the year after utilizing the applications. This study may be beneficial to other early childhood educators trying to determine whether or not to utilize technology in their classroom.