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Summer 2019


All preschool teachers dream of a way to make all students engaged during circle time. This may seem like an impossible task but this study finds that adding technology during circle time can increase engagement. In this study the teacher and the students will be using a Smart Board as the technology. This is done by using interactive hands on activities allowing the students to be involved in their own learning rather than being lectured the information. In this study a rubric was used to assess the student’s engagement during circle time. Engagement without the use of technology scored a 35 out of 60 points over the first three week period. Engagement with the use of technology scored a 52 out of 60 points over the second three week period. Engagement went up by 17 points just by adding technology into circle time. Included in this study is a summary of the lesson plans used before the technology was added and after technology was added along with the summary of the results, a review of literature that supports this study’s findings, and the data to support the findings that technology will increase student engagement during circle time. This study proves that added technology during circle time does improve student engagement.