An Investigation of the Effects of Journal Writing on Fourth Grade Math Test Scores

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This study investigated the effectiveness of writing math journals, part of a fourth grade math program, as a means of improving student math performance as demonstrated with measurement and geometry concepts. A fourth grade class was divided into two groups, a control group and an experimental group. The experimental group kept a daily written journal, which included personal responses to math class. Both groups were pretested and posttested after two units of study. The results suggested improved test scores for the unit on geometry, with no significant difference for the measurement unit. Recent research on writing in mathematics and other content areas, as well as ways of using writing in math class are discussed.

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McDaniel, A.J. (1992). An investigation of the effects of journal writing on fourth grade math test scores (Master's thesis, Northwestern College, Orange City, IA). Retrieved from http://nwcommons.nwciowa.edu/education_masters/1/

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