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As the Latinx population in the United States steadily grows, it is imperative that mental health practitioners grow their understanding of this population to be able to provide culturally competent services. There is a unique set of stressors faced by Latinx immigrants in the United States, especially Latinx immigrant youth. These stressors pose a disruption to Latinx immigrant family systems, leading to internalizing and externalizing symptoms. To better understand the stressors Latinx immigrants face and their impact on families, research was conducted on this population's statistics, characteristics, common issues, problems, and risk factors. In addition, research was conducted on approaches for working with this population. Applicable terminology, relevant frameworks, considerations for engagement, and evidence-based practices were examined. Through this research, the necessity of recognizing families’ cultural values and their influence on the family system became apparent. This research was then used to inform the development of a six-week evidence-based treatment curriculum for working with a pseudo-Latinx immigrant family.

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