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Semester study abroad experiences for world language majors at Christian institutions of higher education are meant to challenge the cultural assumptions of students. Author McDonald, though, argues that world language teachers can foster faith-informed intercultural empathy and humility for students in study abroad semesters through guided reading, discussion, and journaling. This student formation can and has happened through two courses the author teaches at Northwestern College for Spanish majors: Pre-Study Abroad Cross Cultural Preparation and Enhancing the Study Abroad Experience. McDonald describes the content of the courses and provides selected student responses from each. This article appears in the Northwestern Review with the permission of the Journal of Christianity and World Languages.

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Prior to joining Northwestern's faculty, Professor Kristin McDonald taught Spanish at both the high school and college levels. She has studied in both Mexico and Spain, participated in short-term mission trips to Latin America, and taught English as a second language and Bible to Chinese students in Taiwan. She serves as the faculty adviser for the student-led Spanish chapels that are held four times each semester. Outside of Northwestern she uses her language skills to engage in the local Latino community via activities in her church and in the community.



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