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In its original version, this brief essay was delivered as a talk on the Northwestern College campus. The author reflects on Christian evangelical engagement in politics in “The Age of Trump”—as a believer, a political scientist, and a former candidate for state legislative office. Love, he argues—God’s love for us, and our love for God—is the key. As God’s love for each and all was made manifest in Christ on the cross, evangelicals should not lose sight of such love in engaging in public debate and policy-making. Insofar as uncritical evangelical support for Trump is the case, that is politics in and of the world. Evangelical political engagement needs instead to be done at the foot of the cross.

About the Author

Dr. VanDerWerff teaches American politics, public policy, religion and politics, and constitutional law. He also serves as the pre-law adviser to students. A Northwestern College graduate, he holds a doctorate in American politics and public administration. Research interests include religion and politics and political theology. He is a member of both the American Political Science Association and Christians in Political Science.



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