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This body of work is comprised of a series of portraits that the artist photographed during the summer of 2014.

For the project, he questioned each participant before shooting their portrait, asking them what their relationship is to the church and then asking them to describe their relationship with God.

Scorza’s interpretation of their answers to these questions and the conversations that followed informed how he needed to shoot their portrait. The resulting imagery, or portraits, is a visual representation of the inward self-reflection these individuals shared – a selfie.

About the Author

Professor Scorza’s interests and experience lie in the area of graphic design and photography. He teaches Introduction to Studio, photography and the graphic design courses for the department. A former Northwestern College student, he earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Iowa State and a Master of Fine Arts from Lesley University College of Art and Design. Prior to joining Northwestern's faculty, he established a career as a graphic designer and creative director for over 20 years, both in the corporate setting and as a freelancer. He frequently uses his art to serve nonprofit and community-based organizations.



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