MS 07. Noordhoff, Jeane (1882-1970). Papers, 1882-1970. .417 linear ft.

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Jeane (Jantje) Noordhoff was born to Klaas and Geertje Noordhoff of Alton, Iowa, in 1882. She graduated from Northwestern Classical Academy of Orange City, Iowa (1898) and Huron College, Huron, South Dakota (1911). In 1911 she was commissioned as a missionary to Japan by the Woman’s Board of Foreign Mission of the Reformed Church in America. For approximately 45 years she lived in Japan, teaching at a girls’ school in Shimonoseki, the Ferris Girls School in Yokohama, and the Keisen Girls School in Tokyo. She retired to Orange City, Iowa. Collection includes diaries from 1926, 1933, and 1958; essays titled, “Reminiscing,” “Travel Conveniences,” and “Missionary Stories for Children;” letters (including one from 1911 written on a roll of rice paper); photographs; and a folder about Dr. Sam Noordhoof of Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan. Also included is informational material about the Southern Normal School, Brewton, Alabama.

Photo of Jeane Noordhoff.jpg (358 kB)
Photograph of Jeane Noordhoff, undated.

Photo of Ferris Seminary Alumnae.jpg (1103 kB)
Photograph of Jeane Noordhoff and alumnae of Ferris Seminary, undated.

Scan of First Page of Travel Diary.jpg (1216 kB)
Scan of the first page of a travel diary of Jeane Noordhoff, 1958. Later that spring, she went to Japan.