MS 10. Gordon. Mrs. W.F. Scrapbook, 1946-1951. .209 linear ft.

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Scrapbook contains letters and photographs written to Mrs. W.F. Gordon from four individuals in The Netherlands. Gordon sent food, supplies, and clothing following World War II. Mrs. Vander Meer and Mrs. Belkhuizen sent nine letters from Wageningen, Gelderland, The Netherlands. Belkhuizen details life and struggles following the war and includes pictures of the destruction of the city. Mr. Offerman from Amsterdam describes his life and job and includes family photos in four letters. Miss Tini Heslinga from The Hague thanks Mrs. Gordon for gifts and talks about her upcoming marriage in ten letters. She also includes photographs of the royal family and personal photographs.

Letter from Mrs. Beekhuizen to Mrs Gordon July 26 1946.pdf (1103 kB)
Letter from Mrs. Beekhuizen from The Netherlands to Mrs. Gordon of St. Louis, Missouri, from July 26, 1946, detailing life after World War II in The Netherlands.

Photo of Mrs Beekhuizen in March 1946.jpg (1068 kB)
Photo of Mrs. Beekhuizen and her 2 children, March 1946.