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Theora England served as professor at Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa, for 35 years, where she taught drama, directed plays, and founded the Northwestern College Choral Readers. A binder includes pageant drafts, notes, and the final copy for “Northwestern, A Silver Lantern,” which was written for an Independent Play-Writing Course at the University of Minnesota. The pageant commemorated the twenty-fifth anniversary of Northwestern College and was performed at Northwestern College homecoming weekend, September 24 and 26, 1953. Sixteen scrapbooks cover dramas performed at the college and in Orange City; the Delta Psi Omega Cub; Choral Readers; annual reports; speech festivals, trips, and programs; local news; and news about Northwestern College students and graduates. Also included are Valentines and Christmas cards from former students.

Photo of Choral Readers 1959.jpg (312 kB)
Photo of Choral Readers, 1959.

Playbill of Heidi 1971.jpg (225 kB)
Playbill cover for performance of "Heidi," 1971.