MS 01. Dykstra, B. D. (1871-1955). Papers, 1904-1980. .834 linear ft.

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B.D. (Broer Doekeles) Dykstra was born on November 21, 1871 in Pingjum, Friesland, The Netherlands. He immigrated with his family to the United States in 1882. His family settled on a farm west of Sioux Center, Iowa. Dykstra attended and graduated from Northwestern Classical Academy of Orange City, Iowa (1889-1892); Hope College, Holland, Michigan (1892-1896); Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan (1897-1900); and Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (1901-1902). He later founded a Christian academy in Harrison, South Dakota, and served as a pastor to a Reformed Church in Platte, South Dakota. He spoke 14 languages, wrote pamphlets, books, and articles, founded a Frisian society in Orange City, and was an editor of the Dutch newspaper, De Volksvriend. He was noted for his unconventional conduct, brilliant mind, and strong pacifistic beliefs. He frequently biked to ministerial appointments and pedaled an estimated 20,000-plus miles. He and his sons operated a small publishing house and traveled door to door selling his literature. This collection includes 11 books (written in Dutch), articles (translated from Dutch to English), and pamphlets (written in both Dutch and English) authored by Dykstra, as well as a photograph, bibliography, obituary, and two original handwritten correspondences.

Photo of BD Dykstra.jpg (4211 kB)
Photograph of B.D. Dykstra, circa 1900.

LeCocq Letter.pdf (585 kB)
Letter from B.D. Dykstra to Ralph LeCocq, 1906.